Diving into Soymilk is like Diving into Cold Water and I am Sometimes Wimpy

So,  the first batch of the vegan bleu cheese was a success. It melts, is so delicious (on pretty much everything), and is far cheaper to make than the gourmet and less gourmet cheese alternatives out there.

Recently we spent $14.00 for a nut based gourmet “cheese”. It wasn’t bad and the cost was only justified in order to feel the texture and flavor they accomplished.

I do that…memorize (in a sense) texture and flavor so I can recreate it either through imagination or otherwise.

On the counter is another batch and in the fridge is a batch of sharp cheddar.  There are soy milk based cheeses in this book, but I can’t bear to do them yet. I don’t want to buy pre-made soy milk because I want to make my own.

I am not quite ready to take that plunge. Often I spot something new and then stall for long periods of time. It’s like getting into water for me. I love to swim, love the water, but hate getting wet. The pressure canner sat on a shelf for over a year before it was finally used. And it wasn’t even hard.

My sister recently said taunted me because I took a long time to finally get past my knees in the river. She said I was a wimp if I didn’t do it and that it wasn’t really a vacation if I didn’t get my head wet.

Eventually I come around and making soy milk is supposed to be easy. I did get my head wet in that river and then didn’t want to come out.

-Diving in…eventually,




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