How Not to Store Bell Peppers, Apparently…

So, I don’t refrigerate all of my produce. Bell peppers tend to sit prettily in one of the decorative bowls in my dining room alongside squashes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and even ginger. This time several of my lovely peppers were sitting on top of some fresh ginger. I noticed one green one had turned red in a large swath. I picked it up and the other side squished in. Bummer. Curious, I picked up another…same result. Paranoid, I removed all of them.

Luckily, it was just the two, but food waste is not a good thing. At least it carries a lesson. I did a search and could not find any information regarding storage of ginger next to other fruits or vegetables, but my conclusion without further testing (and food waste I’d rather not undergo) is that storing bell peppers (and probably other foods) next to ginger is a bad idea.

Some plants release chemicals in the form of gases that affect other plants. I don’t store my onions next to my potatoes for the same reason.

So there you have it.

-Saving what’s left,



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