I Do Not Believe in Too Much Zucchini!

About this time of year, people are giving their zucchini and other summer squashes away. Maybe I am just selfish (probably), but I don’t. I want them and everyone else’s all to myself. My garden didn’t do as well as I would have liked this year. My output on squashes was puny for the size and number of my plants. I am currently in what I think is the final push of production. So, I am letting them grow…as big as possible. Seeds be damned! (That is, I don’t care if they get a bit seedy.)

A student gave me a zucchini last week that measured about 16 inches long and was probably five pounds. Good deal! I sliced it thinly, roasted on a sheet with oil and salt in the oven. (I used organic red palm oil this time) After some caramelizing, I poured a pint of my husbands marinara over the top and spread it around evenly and baked it some more. This we served over the top of some polenta I made earlier and baked in the oven. Over the top, we sprinkled porcini salt and homemade vegan Parmesan (nutritional yeast, salt, minced walnut mixture).

Divine and simple.

And, it was better the next day.




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