Rain Water Isn’t Free, but it Should Be

I have always wanted rain barrels. Now that we are homeowners again, I can’t wait to get it going. Unfortunately for others it isn’t legal in every state and I think that is fundamentally wrong.

We don’t yet foster being responsible for our consumer behavior in this country and all too often the essential elements of life on this planet are commodities for profit. Clean air, water, and healthy food should be available to all for free.

I am not advocating you get to go to the farmer or grocery store and help yourself. But, you should be allowed to grow your own, allowed to breathe clean air, and collect the rain that falls on your house and property for personal use without paying a corporation for living naturally on your own planet.

Here is a link to a neat system that got today’s rant started. There are helpful hints regarding algae and mosquitoes in the comments. I have not researched the suggestions as of yet, but I will and so should you.

Here is a link regarding legal status of collecting rainwater in each U.S. state. Scroll down for specific laws and laws pending.

-Advocating for you,